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The Millennial Greens.

All Millennials have completed atleast two decades of their lives. Although, in this social media era, where eyes meet screens more than other eyes, where hands are accustomed to double taps or swiping in all kinds of directions, and where Facebook or Google knows your choices better than your family, one important factor has still improved significantly - Health. Even when obesity is at an all-time high and there has been a drastic shift to eat out, these folks have actually managed to be healthiest eaters alive amongst generations. You won’t be surprised to take note that as much as the fast food chains have grown and new restaurants keep mushrooming consistently, there has been an equal level of growth in health clubs, organic producers, and inclination towards plant based diet. In fact, studies show that Millennials are eating 50% more vegetables than older generations.

So what exactly keeps the Millennials motivated to not ditch their veggies? How have they incorporated healthy eating as mere lifestyle and not another effort based goal to achieve? What has changed in the fresh produce scene? Is a food revolution already in the beginning?

Let’s start by highlighting how fresh produce has come a long way. A totally disoriented agriculture sector with unorganized supply chain has now progressed to a certain kind of systematic organization. The Agriculture sector consisting of farmers, aggregators, wholesale buyers/sellers or importers/exporters have also gone Millennial. Gone are the days when farmers were exploited or forced to grow a specific kind of crop. Today, we have more variety in fresh than ever. This sweet-spot is explored by the Millennial population. They are keen on experimenting new things, engulfing value in what they put into their bodies, and be more educated to keep up the healthy lifestyle. Let’s discuss in brief about the new age Greens which are a smash hit amongst them:

1. Kale: Whether it’s the quintessential salad or a detoxifying juice, this leafy wins the race to all Millennial hearts. The curly deep green body, immense nutritional benefits and earthy flavour with nutty sweetness is a sure shot hit. Kale is rich in antioxidants, providing not only protein and fiber but vital Vitamins like A, E, K, B & C too.

2. Microgreens: There has been a sudden rise in use of sprinkled toppings/garnishings over Salads, Pastas, Noodles, Soups and what not. All credit goes to the miniature leafies and health bombs – Microgreens! They have Vitamins A, C & K with calcium, phosphorus, iron, fiber and potassium.

3. Live Wheatgrass: Millennials love to drink, not only booze but juice too! Wheatgrass juice is extremely famous for the amazingly unique health benefits. Most note worthy benefits are blood purification, liver detoxification and colon cleansing, apart from the list of other vital nutrients it contains.

Apart from these three Millennial Greens, there are some drooling additions to the cult classics of Broccoli, Lettuce or Cabbage. Leading the way is Sprouts, Spinach, Asparagus and Lettuces.

New discoveries have also made it possible to keep things interesting. Hydroponics is one such revolutionary discovery. Plants can now be grown without soil, using 100% water with all the needful nutrients, anywhere and everywhere under controlled environment. Basically Hydroponic provides better, faster and sustainable produce. Our food can now be produced anywhere (outdoors or indoors), by using resources in the most efficient way possible, giving out a neat standardized crop. Try our range of Hydroponics if you haven’t already.  

Millennials achieve the healthy lifestyle by a tandem of various options available, and awareness about what’s right for them. This includes new age greens (Kale, Microgreens & Wheatgrass), new methods for production (Hydrponics/Aquaponics), and new ways of consumption.