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Going Green – Why are Green Vegetables Recommended?

Obesity and being overweight are major problems plaguing many of the world’s nations, and this unhealthy weight problem has also been leading to a great increase in various diet-related disorders like high Blood pressure, Diabetes, and even Heart disease. A huge percentage of adults and children the world over, do not eat nearly enough Fruits and Vegetables to keep the body healthy, when according to research, the body needs at least two to five cups of green vegetables each day to stay healthy—this, on top of half an hour to an hour of physical activity, which together, helps lower risks of being overweight, while cutting down threats of disease.

Green vegetables are about the healthiest types of food you can incorporate in your diet on the daily. Eating enough Green vegetables can help to keep the body strong. This is because Leafy Greens come with a great amount of important Vitamins and Minerals, designed to help the body better absorb Amino acids and Protein. There are also plenty other nutrients that can be found in various types of Green vegetables.

Kale, for instance contains more Calcium in One serving than a serving of Milk. It also has, believe it or not, more Vitamin C than your regular Orange. Green vegetables like Bok Choy, Broccoli, Asparagus, and the like contain Indoles and Lutein, which help make Teeth and Bones stronger and at the same type enhance the ability of the Muscles and Tissues to repair themselves and recover from damage.

When you eat your recommended amount of Green vegetables, you also absorb more Antioxidants along with Phytochemicals, which help reduce risks of certain types of Cancers. Antioxidants help fight damage caused by free radicals, pollutants, and toxins in the environment. All in all, adding Green vegetables into your diet will not only help make your body stronger, but also enhance your long-term health.