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Breathtakingly Beautiful - Our Cold Pressed Juices

These days people are aware of their health needs and are conscious of their fitness more than ever. Therefore, they tend to switch to healthy foods in every way they can!

Based on the needs of the consumers, Food Researchers came up with a way to help people drink their fruits and veggies - making it easy to consume in a single drink of Cold Pressed Juice with all its retained nutritional value extracted by using the pressing mechanism.

What exactly are Cold Pressed Juices?

Cold Pressed Juices are basically extracted using pressure to squeeze out every drop of juice from your choice of fruits and vegetables, as compared to conventional juicers which use cutting blades to slice the fruit tissue and then centrifugal force to separate liquid (juice) from the solid (fruit fibre and mass). Cold Pressed Juices are popular because of their ability to retain more nutrients than the conventional juices (most big brands that you see in the stores are conventional juices).


Cold Pressed Juices are fresh as they are not homogenized, not pasteurized and are also exposed to only negligible amount of heat as against conventional high RPM juicing which produces lots of heat. This is kind of a big deal because when juices are not exposed to heat during extraction it prevents oxidation which is the main reason that nutrients are not lost (or only minimally lost) in cold pressed juicing.

Health Benefits of switching to Cold Pressed Juices:

Cold Pressed Juices or Juice Cleanse is a great way to start your weight loss program, as it shows quick results because the only thing you are consuming is the raw fruit or vegetable.

You can curb your cravings with these super healthy and tasty juices, rather than reaching for unhealthy snacks to munch on! Fruit & veggies naturally contains fiber which makes you feel full and your appetite is not lost.

Juicing also helps you to get clear and glowing skin as they are packed with nutrients and are immensely hydrating.

Frugivore has introduces an unmatched range of cold pressed juices after thorough research on the modern nutritional needs of people from different age group. Children, adolescents, working adults or senior citizens, everyone will relish the taste and health we offer in these glowing little glass bottles.

The collection which we have created is truly unparallel and cannot be found anywhere in the Indian circuit as of now.

The flavours range from the old school favourites – Valencia Orange & Watermelon to the exotic ones – Blueberry & Grapes. Our juice collection is a blend of what goes best for your taste buds and your health. Take for example, our green juice discovery - Mainichi is a combination of Green Grapes, Celery Stem, Cucumber Seedless and Mint, offering the perfect healthy solution instead of the traditional Spinach or Gourd juices which are looked down upon. A similar one is called Chaque Jour consisting of Green Grapes, Valencia Orange, Pomegranate and Beetroot which again proves to be absolute smash as it one of the most loved juices.

While these mix or combinations might be confusing, but we have also gone full cliché when it comes to quintessential breakfast juices with Grapefruit, Pineapple & Carrot juices. While the range is truly an exquisite discovery, what adds to the value is the sensational taste it brings with it. One of our most popular, for example, Per Diem is a simple juice of Sun Melon which is available all year round and is even more delicious than the actual fruit. Let us again highlight that all these juices our fully preservatives/additives free. So, it is quite magical when the juice supersedes the actual fruit.

We must address the plot behind weird names of our cold pressed juices. The basic idea behind such nomenclature is remarkably simple. Each of these names in the respective foreign language means ‘everyday’ or ‘daily’. This should serve as a gentle reminder to make fresh juices and fruits a part of your "everyday" diet making our fresh quotient higher and leading a healthier life. We won’t stop mentioning that all our cold pressed juices are made with zero preservatives, zero artificial colours, zero concentrates and without any added sugar whatsoever.

When we say no preservatives/additives we also mean that our juices have limited shelf life. They have to be maintained at a certain temperature which just cannot be ignored or it makes the experience sour (quite literally). Most of the juices have 48 hours of life and have to consumed in full once opened.

If you could catch tad bit of excitement which we feel for these modern health saviours, please go ahead and give it a shot. We challenge you won’t regret. Order you favourite juice now!!