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50 Shades of Avocado ;)

Avocado is a fruit usually grown in equatorial regions; it has a thick rough skin, and a soft gooey pulp. An Avocado has 5 stages of maturity.


 1.Hard – Green in color, hard and firm texture

 2.Breaking – Pre Ripening, 2 Days to ripening at room temperature.

 3.Pre- Conditioned – Ready to Eat in a day or so, Dark Green in Colour.

 4.Firm Ripe – Ready to eat the same day or next, The Avocado is ripe but firm.

 5.Ripe – Mushy and fully Ripe, Dark Black in color. Deterioration may start after this.


The Avocados sold by Frugivore are usually between 4th and 5th stage, if you want an unripe Avocado you may mention in special Instructions. But if you get a ripe avocado, the best way to preserve it is to refrigerate it. Recommended temperature is between 3 degree Celsius and 5 degree Celsius with an optimal humidity of approx 85-95%. Please note that moving avocados in and out of cold storage repeatedly is detrimental to the health of the fruit.


To check if your avocado is ripe or not check for the colour of the Avocado, Its skin should be Black or Dark Green and if the top axils of the Avocado come off, it is ripe. If not it is still unripe and can be consumed in 1-2 days.

 1.Avocado is a fruit with high fat content, and very short consumption period. Once an Avocado is ripe, it stays ripe for around 2 days during which it can be consumed.

 2.Avocado gets spoilt due to oxidation and it turns black, to avoid this, lemon juice is added to reduce the pH of the Avocado.

 3.Avocado is usually sprinkled with olive oil, to avoid contact with air and water.

 4.Avocado can be made into Guacamole and added tomato, onions and other ingredients to avoid blackening.

 5.Avocado can be made into a Milkshake or Smoothie to avoid its spoilage.


Avocados can be consumed in various recipes such as:



 3.Whole fruit


 5.Bread Spreads


Take a look at our Top 5 Avocado Recipes blog to see the detailed recipes.


After all this, still if the Avocados turn bad, we are just a call away to resolve all your worries.