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Some types of edible mushrooms are Button, Shimeji, Oyster, Shiitake and Black & White Fungus. Mushrooms are a type of edible fungus which is usually consumed as a dish in various parts of world. It is relished as a dish or used as a garnish, mushroom are an addition to your diet which is full of protein and fiber. If you go to a market in Delhi NCR to find any type of mushroom you won’t get anything else than button mushrooms unless you visit a premium superstore and there too the range will be nowhere comparable to  variety as rich as us. We provide a wide of edible mushrooms like Shimeji, Shiitake, Black fungus which are rarely available anywhere else and you can order them at your convenience, in the comfort of your bed and they will travel across International borders to grace your plate with their signature taste to make your recipes a 10/10.

Shimeji and Shiitake mushrooms are a native to East Asia whereas Black fungus is usually used in Chinese Cooking, where as oyster Mushrooms are a native to Germany and grown commercially since World war I. Sourced from the best Mushroom farms all over India straight to Delhi NCR upkeeping the benchmark quality which we follow with all our resolve.

Mushrooms are delicacy to relish and a new experience to try for those who haven’t used it before. Mushrooms are an easy dish to prepare and the one of most tasty and nutritional foods. They could be a healthy addition to your soups, pizzas, salads and various plethoras of dishes you can add them to. Mushroom Sauces are a delicious creamy gravy prepared from mushrooms which is added to Soups and pastas to give a mild creamy rich mouth feel and taste. You can make also your own recipe with the best quality of mushrooms!