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Sleepy Owl
Cold Brew Coffee - Dark Roast

MRP: Rs 300 (inclusive of all taxes)

Sleepy Owl Brewpacks is a super convenient medium of making high-quality cold brew coffee. Just leave a pack in a jar of water for 12 to 15 hours and wake up to a delicious cold brew coffee. Our original brew packs are made with 100% Arabica coffee straight from Chikmagalur that has been medium roasted for the perfect balance of dark and light flavours.

The best part about the brew packs is that you can customize how strong or light you want the coffee by adjusting the quantity of water. For 3 cups of regular strength Sleepy Owl, use 500 ml water, for 5 cups of light strength coffee, use 750 ml water and for 2 cups of extra strong coffee use 300 ml water. Once made, have it as you want, plain, heated, with milk, or for a special Vietnamese coffee, with condensed milk. Each pack contains 45 g of 100% Arabica coffee and is made with love at our production facility in Delhi.

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