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A2 Buffalo Ghee

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Clinically Tested

A2 Buffalo Ghee - Ethical Elegance from Field to Table by Frugivore

Frugivore presents A2 Buffalo Ghee, a testament to ethical and sustainable sourcing. Immerse yourself in the rich, buttery flavors and velvety textures that define this exquisite indulgence

Flavor Profile:

Buttery Bliss: Delight in the buttery richness of A2 Buffalo Ghee, elevating your dishes and beverages with its distinct, wholesome taste

Velvet Smoothness: Experience the velvet-smooth textures that A2 Buffalo Ghee offers, creating a luxurious melt-in-the-mouth sensation

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing:

At Frugivore, our commitment to ethical practices and sustainable sourcing is unwavering. Our A2 Buffalo Ghee is a result of responsible care for our buffaloes and a dedication to their well-being. From lush pastures to your table, experience the harmony of conscious sourcing with Frugivore's A2 Buffalo Ghee

Elevate your culinary journey with the elegance of Frugivore's A2 Buffalo Ghee. Savor the difference that ethical sourcing brings to your palate. Experience ethical indulgence today!

"Boost immunity Improves Digestion Promotes strong Bones. Reduces inflammation Induces sound sleep"

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