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Veggie Clean
Fruits & Vegetables - Liquid Wash

MRP: Rs 199 (inclusive of all taxes)

Veggie Clean - A Fruits and Vegetables Cleanser. Veggie Clean safely removes germs, bacteria, chemicals and waxes from the surface of fruits and vegetables. This fruits and vegetables washing liquid is 100% naturally derived and is used for cleaning the fruits and vegetables’ surfaces effectively without leaving any aftertaste, smell or residue. It is free of all harmful additives like preservatives and chlorine. It is a soap and alcohol-free formula. Fight germs, eat healthy with Veggie Clean. Start today.

A 100% safe, scientific & natural vegetable & fruit cleanser that removes 99.9% germs, pesticides, waxes. Certified by national & international experts as Safe & Toxic-Free. Made from 100% natural origin cleansers derived from coconut & corn. Only 5 ml needed for 1 L of water. No harmful preservatives, no soap, no sulphates, no parabens, no alcohol, no chlorine. Leaves no aftertaste, smell or residue on your produce. Retains the natural antioxidants & vitamins of fruits & veggies and preserves their freshness for longer.

Water, Salt, Naturally Derived Cleansers, Citric Acid, Food Grade Preservatives, Salt of EDTA, Food Grade Flavour.

Add 1 cap of product in 2 litres of water Soak fruits & vegetables in the solution for about 5 minutes Rub individual pieces thoroughly with hand-dipped within the solution Rinse in running water

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