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Baby Cream - Extra Soft

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MRP: Rs 637 (inclusive of all taxes)

This baby cream has pH 5.5 + 42% natural lipids that maintain and repair protective skin barrier. Conventional creams have pH > 7 which can further damage the skin barrier leading to more dryness. Sebamed baby cream is clinically proven to be effective in soothing baby's sensitive skin. Made in Germany, it forms a non-occlusive protective film against dryness and irritation Rich in panthenol, allantoin and chamomile extract, the moisturising and protective complex soothes and regenerates irritated skin.

Easy to apply and readily absorbed, it has 42% lipid composition. Its water-in-oil emulsion supports the natural lipid balance.

It has a pleasant botanical fragrance. It is Ideal from one month onwards. Clinically proven, it has a significant improvement of erythema and rough skin in only eight weeks shown in studies. It results in a 56% reduction in flaking & 2 times increase in lipid levels within 2 weeks.

After the bath with Sebamed baby wash, apply Sebamed baby cream on affected areas at least twice a day. Do not spread cream too thick. Just apply the amount the skin can absorb. Apply Sebamed baby cream more often if your baby crawls to heal high-stress area of knees, legs and elbows. For atopic skin use it as directed by your paediatrician or at least 3-4 times.

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