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Kingfisher Radler
Non Alcoholic Malt Drink - Mint & Lime

MRP: Rs 80 (inclusive of all taxes)

Kingfisher Radler is a refreshing, carbonated non-alcoholic drink but the word Radler has its origin in Germany. Originally Radlers are alcoholic but with preferences shifting and new lifestyle need of adult consumers, it took a path of low to no alcohol recipe.

Water, Sugar, Barley Malt, Mixed Fruit Juice (4%), Preservatives (INS 211), Carbon Dioxide (INS 290), Quillaia Extract (INS 999) & HOPS. Contains Permitted Natural Colours (INS 150 C) And Added Mint & Lime Flavour (Natural Flavouring Substances).

Kingfisher Radler has been crafted with utmost care keeping in mind a balance of Indian taste palette and their lifestyle needs. Natural ingredients like refreshing lemon juice and the natural lemon flavour are at the heart of all three variants currently launched under Kingfisher Radler. Along with that reduced percentage of natural sugar and high quality of brewed malt gives the final form to the product.

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