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Hot Red Chilli Powder

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Only the best varieties of Chili from the finest belts of Andhra Pradesh make it to Orika. All foreign bodies & discolored chilies are mechanically sorted out to offer you a powder rich in Capsaicin content and ideal for satiating your craving for spicy food. Lending a great lingering after taste and not just bitterness, this magical ingredient imparts a perfect balance of pungency, flavor and a deep red colour to your recipes.

The part of the pepper closest to the stem is usually the hotter part because it has the highest concentration of capsaicin. These compounds in chillies irritate the skin and cause your mouth to feel that distinct burning pain. Red Chilli Powder is rich in Capsaicin which has many health benefits. Add it to your meals for hot and spicy flavour to your meal.

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