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Parle Platina
Hide & Seek - Caffe Mocha

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Rs 30

Parle Hide and Seek Caffe Mocha biscuits are crispy, sweet and good in taste. Play a game of hide and seek with your taste buds. Feel the extremely delectable taste of Chocolates, comes in a form of choco chips, covering the entire parts of the Parle Hide & Seek Cream biscuits.

For all coffee and chocolate lovers, this biscuit is a dream come true! Revel in the heavenly aroma of coffee and enjoy the sweetness of chocolates as well! Packed with a bounty of chocolate chips, once you try Parle Hide & Seek, you will never want any other biscuit again. It is a treat for the mouth and the heart - khate hi dil aa jaye! Buy Parle biscuit online now!

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