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Pasta Sauce - Napoletana

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Barilla NAPOLETANA sauce combines onion, garlic and Mediterranean herbs with ripe Italian tomatoes. These tasty ingredients are cooked slowly to create a delicious and thick sauce that hugs your favourite Barilla pasta perfectly. Made from the highest quality vine-ripened Italian tomatoes and real vegetables & herbs, this sauce is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free users. It is prepared like a home-made Italian recipe which contains all-natural ingredients.

No. 1 in Italy with over 140 years of craftsmanship, Barilla is making high-quality pasta that cooks perfectly every time.

Chopped Tomatoes 66%, Tomato Concentrate 10%, Onion 7%, Water, Carrots 3.5%, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sugar, Salt, Garlic 0.5%, Thyme 0.4%, Chives 0.2%, Parsley 0.2%, Flavouring, Black Pepper 0.01%. Gluten Free.

Step 1: Cook in a pan your vegetables, Meat or Fish with a bit of olive oil. Step 2: Open the Barilla Napoletana jar and pour it into the pan: 1 Jar = 4 portions. Step 3: Toss your favourite Barilla Pasta (already drained) together with the sauce and finish cooking them for 2 more minutes. Step 4: Your Italian meal is ready to be served. Chef Tip: Add a bit of the water used for cooking the pasta into the sauce to avoid stickiness. Chef Suggestion: Try Barilla Napoletana with Barilla Spaghetti pasta.

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