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Samosa Patti

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MRP: Rs 110 (inclusive of all taxes)

There’s nothing quite like that first, crunchy bite of a piping hot, freshly made samosa made with crispy Switz Samosa Patti (Samosa Dough Sheets). Switz Samosa Patti is a traditional dough-based thin samosa pastry, made of wheat, easy to use and very pocket friendly.

It can be fried as well as baked (at 180 degree celsius or till its golden brown). Known the world over for its crispiness, you can wrap Switz Samosa Patti around any filling of your choice – let your creativity flow, and see the food magic you create at home. How to Use: 1. Thaw for 45-60 minutes. 2. Fold the sheet to form a triangle. 3. Fold further into the shape of a cone. 4. Put your filling into the cone. 5. Fold further and add flour paste to seal.

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