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Minute Rasam - Garlic

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Introducing MTR Minute Garlic Rasam- that can be made in just 3 easy steps. Empty full pack into cup or bowl, pour boiling water and stir. No Cooking Required. Now savour the taste of authentic Garlic Rasam, anytime, anywhere. MTR Minute Garlic Rasam contains Garlic and Pepper which are full full of Ayurvedic goodness

Toor dal, Salt, Tomato powder {Tomato solids, Maltodextrin, Anticaking agent Silica (INS 551)}, Coriander, Garlic, Sugar, Cumin, Tamarind powder, Black pepper, Horsegram, Red Chilli, Anticaking agent  Silica (INS 551), Curry leaf, Mustard, Turmeric, Acidity regulator Tartaric acid (INS 334), Onion powder, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, Fenugreek and  Asafoetida.

Empty full pack into a cup or bowl 2. Add 160ml (approx 1 teacup) of boiling water and stir well 3. Enjoy with rice or as a drink

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