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Chewing Gum - Sugarfree Spearmint Flavour

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Mentos Pure Fresh - Who says no to Mentos Refreshing sugar-free chewing gum that is crunchy outside and chewy inside. By giving long-lasting freshness, Mentos helps in connecting with people. With its the perfect balance of sweetness and mint, Mentos has become popular worldwide. Pop one of these for instant cool breath and make the most of the moment. Get an instant splash of refreshing spearmint flavoured liquid. What else? It is sugar-free and with natural green tea extract. Keep this trendy bottle pack in the pocket, car, or a drawer for instant minty refreshment anytime

Polyols (Maltitol, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Xylitol), Gum Base, Gum Arabic, Humectant (Ins 422), Sweetener (Ins 951), Flavours (Green Tea Extract, Spearmint), Emulsifier (Ins 322), Antioxidant (Ins 307). Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colours (Ins 133, Ins 102) And Added Flavours {Natural (Green Tea Extract), Nature- Identical (Spearmint) & Artificial (Mint) Flavouring Substances}

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