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Organic - No Rinse Floor Cleaner

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MRP: Rs 495 (inclusive of all taxes)

Kolan biodegradable pet wipes are made of 100% natural viscose fibre which is pre-moistened with a specific pet suitable formulation. Kolan wipes offer complete hygiene for your dogs, cats, birds and other pets and also your home with versatility, portability, and disposability in a convenient & safe way. Kolan pet wipes can be used daily to eliminate unwanted pet odour from the household. The biodegradable fabric ensures ecologically safe disposal and is completely safe for humans also.

The veterinarian-approved pet-specific formulation is anti-allergic thus providing protection against fleas and ticks. It ensures complete hygiene for your pet's eyes, teeth. Ears, nose, private parts and coat health. Kolan’s alcohol, parabens & lint-free pet wipes are soothing and nourishing for your pet’s skin thus reducing itching and scratching. Kolan pet wipes provide protection for your household and kids against dirt and bacteria carried home by your beloved pets via dirty paws, muzzles and other body parts. 4. Excellent for use during the potty training period. 5. Because every pet needs your love.

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