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Kiwi Zespri - Sungold

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Gold Kiwis distinguish themselves from common kiwis in color, texture and flavour. The Gold kiwi has bronze toned, smooth, hairless paper-thin skin. The golden flesh is dotted with the trademark edible black seeds. Its flavours are sweet and tropical with notes of pineapple and mango. Its shape is oval, coming to a blunted point at its stem end. The entire Gold Kiwi fruit is edible. 1 Piece weighs around 80 to 110 Grams

The delightful sweet taste and juice comes loaded with vitamin C that helps you strengthen your body's natural immune system. Gold kiwis can replace green kiwis in any given recipe calling for kiwis. They will have less acid-forward flavor, though which should be considered if attempting to using an acidic fruit to cut the richness of fats in dairy or meats. Gold kiwis can lend themselves to preparations both sweet and savory, cold and warm in cold soups, decadent desserts including pies and ice creams, granitas and fruit tarts.

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