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Cold Pressed Juice Black Grapes - Taglich Schwarz

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Season's best grapes used to extract the fresh juice in the morning. Grapes Juice is packed with potassium and fiber which can lower high blood pressure by regulating cardiovascular system. This juice can be consumed at any time of the day. Green grapes are high in natural sugar content so should be taken in moderation by the diabetic persons. No extra sugar has been added to the juice to increase the shelf life or taste. 100% pure green grapes juice with no added preservatives. Our cold press juices is extracted from high quality slow juicer that retains more nutrients than any other juicer with high friction which makes it great choice for optimal health benefits. Our cold press juices are extracted using high quality slow juicer that produces very little heat. That makes it great choice for preservation of nutrients and optimal health benefits. And the best part ? All our Cold Press Juices are made with Zero preservatives, Zero artificial colours, zero concentrates and without any added sugar whatsoever. Just as the nature made it - squeezed and packed in a bottle !!

We have named this juice "Taglich Schwarz" which means "everyday black" in , German. This should serve as a gentle reminder to make fresh juices and fruits a part of your "everyday" diet. In fact all our cold pressed juices mean "everyday" in different languages of the world - you get the hint, right!!

Note: All cold pressed juices by Frugivore are extracted and packed on the day of delivery at about 6 am in the morning. Because of the fresh and wholesome nature and lack of any additives and preservatives, these juices are best consumed on the same day or next day. The shelf life is 48 hours but once opened the entire bottle must be consumed and no amount should be saved for later consumption. Recommended to store under 5 degree celsius. Happy savouring this bounty from nature!!

Black Grapes

At Frugivore, we aim to serve value to our customers and our Cold Press Juices resonates the same. All processing, sourcing and standard procedures are implemented in an ISO:22000:2018 certified facility. We take care of the cold chain throughout by the help of insulated bags and cooling agents. These juices will be best consumed on the same day of opening within 6 hours. Recommended to store under 5 degree celsius. Shelf Life - 48 hours. Note: All juices are manufactured the same day of delivery at 6 am in the morning. Our Cold Pressed Juices are processed in machines which are used for preparing juices of multiple fruits. Although, the machines are washed after every cycle. Your juices may contain traces of other fruits or vegetables.

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