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Farmina N&D
Quinoa Weight Management Dog Food - Lamb, Brocolli & Asparagus Adult Breed

MRP: Rs 2590 (inclusive of all taxes)

Farmina N&D Quinoa -Weight Management - Lamb & Broccoli Asparagus recipe is a complete food for dogs, which helps in weight management of the pets and further help in curing/preventing obesity.

94% of protein from animal origin, 0% artificial preservatives, 0% grains. Low level of fats: Fats have the highest energetic density among nutrients. It is necessary to reduce the quantity of this highly caloric nutrient to reduce the total energetic density of the product. High level of Crude fiber contribute to reduce the energetic density of the product. They increase the satiety feeling and reduce the absorption of caloric nutrients which remain trapped into the fiber matrix. Low Glycemic Index source of QUINOA and pea starch deliver glucose slowly to the blood after the digestion. This leads to the pet having enough glucose in blood for longer time and do not want to feed more often. The slow release of sugar prevents Diabetes and Overweight

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