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Aha Plants
Live Plant - Devil's Backbone

Rs 199

A fun plant for growing indoors or out during warm weather. The thick succulent stems grow in a zig-zag direction, back and forth between each leaf. The green and white variegated leaves take on a rosy blush in bright, sunny conditions. Devil's Backbone can be grown as a landscape plant in frost-free areas where it develops into a shrub from 6-8' (2-2.5m) and produces small red flowers. Plants grown indoors rarely bloom but are prized for their beautiful form and colourful foliage. Grow as a houseplant in any bright location. Makes a nice patio plant outdoors during warm weather.

A useful landscape plant in frost-free climates. To grow alongside see Aha Plants Aloe Vera and Aha Plants Crown of Thorns.

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