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Two Wholesome Bakers
Sourdough - Plain

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A simple combination of ORGANIC FLOUR, WATER, LOW SODIUM SALT plus enrichment in selective variants. All our bakes have a suitable amount of whole-wheat and other protein and fiber-rich flours.

Made only with a natural artisanal process, without any yeast, refined adulterants, vinegar, or refined sweetener.

Ingredients - 98% White Flour, 2% Whole-wheat flour, Salt, Water, Levain/ Starter Fermentation - 18+hrs Weight- 850gms. Makes for 8-10 slices. Storage- Keep in an airtight container Shelf life - 3 days at room temperature. 4 days if refrigerated Our bread size is compact so that you don't end up wasting any bread because of expiry or dryness.


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