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24 Mantra
Sonamasuri Brown Rice - Organic

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Brown rice compared to regular rice has a bran and therefore it is a healthier product. 24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Rice is a healthy option for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to regular rice. Since rice is eaten as a staple and it contributes majorly towards daily protein intake. And when eaten with dal it becomes a complete protein. Our 24 Mantra Organic Brown Rice is considered a safe cereal for celiac patients because it is gluten-free. Hence it is very popular with people who are looking for gluten-free products. Our Sonamasuri Brown Rice is 100 % Organic, grown without synthetic pesticides and grown without synthetic GMOs.

100 % organic, grown without synthetic pesticides. Grown without synthetic GMOs. Gluten-free, source of a fair amount of protein, anti-oxidant & phytonutrient rich

This 1 kg pack is packed with rice that has been organically grown. Brown rice is the kind that is a whole grain and left unpolished after the outer hull or shell is removed during harvest. This rice has been packaged using the highest quality packaging and inspection. Brown rice should typically be prepared with double the quantity of water. One cup of rice should be added to at least two cups of boiling water. Once it is cooked, it should be covered and left to stand before it is drained.

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